Saturday, July 2, 2016

Temple Prep Bucket List

I'm teaching YW class this Sunday, and I've created this "Temple Prep Bucket List" to go along with the lesson. 16 things that YW can do now to start preparing to make temple covenants in the future!

This "bucket list" doesn't list the requirements that must be met in order to qualify to enter the temple...instead, it is a list of things that YW can do in their daily lives (such as working on Personal Progress and following through on commitments) to prepare spiritually.

I've actually made 2 different versions, so use the one you prefer! The second one (with the black border) is easily printable as a 4x6" photo (for more information on how to print handouts as 4x6 photos at your local photo shop for cheap, see my post about it here).

These are great ideas that any YW can use NOW to be better prepared to attend the temple for baptisms for the dead as a youth, but also to prepare for future temple covenants that she will make.

Feel free to use in your classes or activities, and pin on Pinterest! Enjoy!

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