Tuesday, April 28, 2015



I got this idea from the SYNC IN - ONE DAY WEEKENDS website, and I even copied their idea for an advertisement - here is my version: 

  • Basically its like karaoke, but you don't actually sing - you lip-sync along with your chosen song. I pre-selected the songs (to ensure appropriateness) and brought about 20 songs and they took turns signing up for their picks. I did about 1/2 popular songs and 1/2 disney movie songs. They repeated some in the second round. Some girls did duets (even if the song wasn't a duet). 

    Here are the songs I used - they could sign up for 1 song per round, and we did 2 rounds:

    “LET IT GO” (FROZEN- DEMI LOVATO POP VERSION) _____________________
    “LOVE IS AN OPEN DOOR” DUET (FROZEN) _____________________
    “A WHOLE NEW WORLD” DUET (ALADDIN) _____________________
    “PART OF YOUR WORLD” (LITTLE MERMAID) _____________________
    “COLORS OF THE WIND” (POCHAHONTAS) ____________________
     “I’LL MAKE A MAN OUT OF YOU” (MULAN)_____________________
    “POPULAR” (WICKED THE MUSICAL) _____________________
    “IF I DIE YOUNG” (THE BAND PERRY) _____________________
    “CALL ME MAYBE” (CARLY RAE JEPSON) _____________________
    “YOU BELONG WITH ME” (TAYLOR SWIFT) _____________________
    “BREAKAWAY” (KELLY CLARKSON) _____________________
    “SINCE U BEEN GONE” (KELLY CLARKSON) _____________________
    “SOMETHING ‘BOUT LOVE” (DAVID ARCHULETA) _____________________
    “ROAR” (KATY PERRY) ____________________
    “I WILL WAIT” - (MUMFORD & SONS) ____________________
    “GOOD TIME” DUET (OWL CITY)_____________________
    “HEY THERE DELILAH” (PLAIN WHITE T’S) _____________________
    “BRAVE” (SARA BAREILLES) _____________________

    The Disney movie songs actually turned out much better because they could sort of act along with them. If I ever do this again I would do more Disney and less pop. They really preferred the Disney songs (and most knew all the words).



By special request from a certain YM leader, we needed to address a sensitive issue - "Can you PLEASE teach the YW to sit correctly in a skirt?" This was a pretty big problem in our ward. But we didn't want to offend anyone or make them embarrassed, so we weren't sure how to broach the subject.

Since this was primarily a Beehive-age problem, we took it to the Mia Maids & Laurels to see if they had any ideas (and of course they did!)

They planned a Mutual Activity in which they (the older girls) would team up with a Beehive and coach them as a sort of mentor in a manners contest. 

We originally planned to call this "Princess Academy" but that weirded some of the girls out (we have a lot of sportsy girls who were worried that they would have to wear makeup or be too "girly") so we made sure they knew this was a manners thing and NOT a makeover thing. We changed the name to "Manners for Ladies".  I explained that manners are important for everyone, but there are certain things that apply to us as women that don't really apply to the guys (such as sitting properly in a skirt). I talked about how I often have to sit in meetings (like ward council) where I'm in a circle of chairs and I really need to watch how I sit because I don't want to make an awkward situation for anyone across from me.

We made it fun and everyone had a great time. We watched some clips from "Princess Diaries" just for fun (the makeover / manners scenes). We talked about different ways to sit in a skirt and how wearing a short skirt really limits how we can comfortably sit without showing more than we want to.

One of the Mia Maids (wearing pants) came up and demonstrated how NOT to sit in a skirt (she was wearing pants, but we asked everyone to imagine she was wearing a knee-length skirt). She should several variations and it was really funny.

After that, we teamed up all of the older girls with a Beehive or 2, and they went off to different parts of the church to "train" - they learned how to introduce yourself to someone, how to introduce other people to each other, how to shake hands, and (just for fun) how to walk with a book on their head. Then we had all the girls come back in and the adult leaders "tested" them (went around "meeting" them) and then they wanted to walk the "runway" with books on their heads. We declared everyone the "winner!" :)



My husband (YM Presidency) actually put this activity together for a combined ym/yw activity. Its not an original idea, of course, but it was a big hit. (It was hard to get decent photos of this activity, so this picture is the advertisement I made, using a photo I found online!)

I went shopping for the stuff- I bought 80 glow in the dark bracelets (gave 1 to each youth to wear, then used the rest to line the top of the volleyball net). We also got 2 packs of larger-sized glow sticks to use to make the ball glow (you need quite a bit for 1 ball - the more blowy liquid, the better the glow in the ball). 

We didn't use a real volleyball - I bought a large bouncy ball (the kind they have at the end of one of the toy aisles in a big bin @$4 at Walmart) - I tried to pick the color that was the most transparent (orange I think). This is because you are going to inject the ball with glowy stuff to make it glow in the dark. 

Then I bought a syringe (I had to go to a seed & feed / farm supply store for this, apparently they don't just sell needles OTC at walmart! I felt like everyone was looking at me like a druggie because I kept asking for needles! At the farm supply store, I told them what I needed and what it was for and they helped me find what I needed (behind the counter) - a LARGE syringe with small needle that would fit into the hole of the ball. The associate at the store told me that a large sized syringe would be best because I could put more glowy stuff in at once instead of having to refill a ton of times. It worked great, only cost a few dollars.

You have to cut open the glow sticks to get the glowy stuff out, but you MUST be very careful (I would not recommend letting the youth do this part) because the glowy ingredients are encased in vials of GLASS inside the plastic bracelet/necklace. When you bend a glow in the dark bracelet/necklace to make it low, you are actually breaking the glass inside, which exposes the chemicals to the air and causes them to start glowing. So if you cut off one end of a bracelet, the liquid will not pour out until the glass is broken. Once the glass is broken, you are dealing with tiny shards of glass. You don't want to touch it or suck it up into the needle when you are trying to pull the liquid into the syringe. BE CAREFUL! Once you have liberated a good amount of the liquid into a bowl or cup (I used disposable), you can use your syringe to collect the liquid and insert it into the hole of the ball (use the same hole that you would use for pumping up the ball - do not insert the needle into the wall of the ball because it will leak out)

Be sure to practice ahead of time with a small amount of glowy stuff to make sure you know how to do it and that the needle size will work, but save most of the glowy stuff (technical term!) to inject right before the activity so that the glow doesn't wear out (its supposed to glow for hours, but you never know how long). 


I'm a bit behind on my posting - here is a QUICK review of some of the activities we've done lately:

CAR MAINTENANCE (for Mia Maids & Laurels)

Our 2nd Counselor's husband came as our special guest and taught the girls how to change oil, change a tire, etc. More importantly (in my opinion) he talked to them about WHY we change the oil, problems that might come up, etc. Really practical things that these girls (many of our girls are in drivers ed right now or have recently started driving) can really use. He let them get hands-on, so even though it was windy & FREEZING outside, they had a great time.

My daughter said this was the most educational & worthwhile activity she's ever been to!