Wednesday, February 19, 2014

YW Value Buckets

We've started using the "Real Heroes" posters that correspond with the YW Values (click on photo below to go to the site) on Sundays. The posters we had been using previously were a little old-fashioned and we wanted something new and interesting.

The Real Heroes YW Poster Set has a woman from the scriptures or church history that corresponds with each YW Value (ie, Mary = Virtue, Hannah = Faith), but the poster itself does not state the actual YW Value. So, when we put up the poster featuring Mary at the beginning of the month, I explain how she represents the theme, but it doesn't exactly get the message across to the YW that the theme for the month is Virtue for all the other weeks in that month.

To solve the problem, I made these little 'theme' buckets using mini metal buckets (Walmart $1.00 each). I hot-glued a fake flower (matching the color for each monthly theme) inside each bucket. I couldn't find gold flowers, but I had some gold spray-paint, so I improvised. Then I attached the name of the theme to the front of the buckets using scrapbook paper & double-stick tape. We put the corresponding bucket beside the poster we display for the month. You could also use the entire set for display during New Beginnings or YWIE.


  1. We used those posters for New Beginnings last week. For each poster, I wrote an explanation including the story of that woman that showed how she exemplified the value. The girls each chose a poster and read the corresponding story as part of the program. It was neat to be able to show them strong examples of women who lived each value. Everyone really enjoyed it

  2. I LOVE all these ideas! So fun! i will definitely share them with my YW leaders! thank-you!

  3. Hi! I was looking for a contact form but couldn't find one. I wanted to tell you about my kickstarter project for young women themed notebooks - It's so fun to see all the different ideas everyone has based on the values and themes. I think they are so inspiring!