Thursday, July 18, 2013

Girls camp treats

Our yw have girls camp this week and I wasn't able to go :( , but I wanted to let the girls know I was thinking about them.

My husband is going up for Bishopric night tonight, so I made some treats for the young women. Last year I made cookies, but this year we have one girl with a serious gluten allergy. So, while I could have made two separate kinds of cookies, I thought I'd keep it simple this year. I bought a variety of Skittles (which are gluten-free) -one for each girl...

 - and put their name and a message on each one...

If you don't want to (or can't) send candy to camp, here is another idea that goes along with this year's theme that I saw on the She's crafty blog - its socks!:

Click on this photo to go to the She's Crafty blog

Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Personal Progress Board

If you look in the "Personal Progress" section of this site, you'll find posts with information about the Personal Progress board that we've been using for the past year.

It looked like this (may look familiar because I've talked about it so much!):


That board was great and had a lot of benefits (low cost, bright and colorful, easy to use, etc). Instructions for this board are available in the "Personal Progress" section if you are interested. I have heard so many compliments on this board and it worked for us really well.

With our new Ward YW Presidency (and I use the term 'new' loosely, because 3/4 of the Presidency stayed the same!) I've really felt like we needed to make some changes to how we handle Personal  Progress. Specifically, we are going to work together more as a Presidency to motivate and inspire the girls to do Personal Progress (instead of having a Personal Progress specialist like we did before).

Some girls have moved in/out and some have completed Personal Progress, so the board needed to be updated because of that, and we also wanted to do something different, just to keep things interesting and exciting for the girls.

(For our new board, I was inspired by this  Personal Progress board - below -  from the Beantown Menzies website)

Instead of one large chart, it is a framed cork-board. I loved it and tried to make something similar. It turned out a little differently, but I'm happy with it!

Here is our new Personal Progress board:

This is about 2' x 3' and has a mini-chart* for each girl- so it is easily update-able (you can add/remove girls as needed, or add an honor-bee tracking chart for girls who have completed Personal Progress). We can also add/remove mini-charts for leaders as needed, too! Thats right, we've put the YW Presidency members on the board, so that the girls can see that we are working on Personal Progress, too!

Another thing that I like about it is that it will (hopefully) be less intimidating for the girls who are newer (or aren't as active with Personal Progress) because it doesn't compare them to each other (each chart is separate) and you have to get really close up to see who has done what.

*To create the mini-charts, I made grids on an excel spreadsheet with the girls name at the top. I put the values down the side and the experience #s and value project across the top. I highlighted each value with its corresponding color. I did something similar with the honor bee charts, but just had 40 spaces to represent the 40 hours of service.

Here is a close-up of the mini-charts to give you a better idea of how I did it:

If you already have a cork-board that you can use, this is a low-cost project (I used some scrapbooking embellishments and letter stickers for decoration). Even if you don't have a cork-board already, you can purchase one about this size for about $15.00

New blog name

This blog has had almost 100,000 page views! In celebration of that, I have changed the name of the blog (I felt that the previous title, "LDS Young Women Ideas and Activity Blog") was a bit wordy and general.

As you can see from our new banner (at the top of the blog), the blog is now called "The Jolly Rogers' Young Women Blog". The original blog address and content will stay the same, only the title will change. Thank you for your support and encouragement!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Personal Progress Motivation


In 2011, the New Era published suggestions for motivation in the Personal Progress program. These suggestions are geared towards the young women themselves, but I think we can benefit from these ideas as leaders as well. 


“How can I stay motivated to do Personal Progress, and who can help?”

One way to stay motivated is to remember that by consistently working on your Personal Progress, you are cultivating feminine attributes, strengthening your testimony, and reaching your divine potential, as well as preparing to enter the temple and to have a family (see Young Women Personal Progress [booklet, 2009], 1).

Personal Progress is more than just receiving a medallion; it helps you become the best you can be. You can personalize it for what you need in your life. Keep that in mind as you look over the value experiences and plan your projects.

If you try to do it all at once, Personal Progress can seem intimidating. Focus on just one or two experiences at a time. You may find that you are already doing something that fulfills an experience. Set aside a specific time to work on your experiences—for example, every Sunday after church. Other young women, your parents, and Young Women leaders can also help you stay on track. When you have someone cheering you along, it is easier to continue no matter what may get in the way.

Make a Chart - "I just finished my Personal Progress. One way I stayed motivated was by making a chart and keeping track of what I was doing. I also told my mom what I was planning on doing, and she would ask me about it. I am working on my Honor Bee now. The best way of all to do Personal Progress is to pray for help" Emily H., 15, Washington, USA

Work with Friends- "I do Personal Progress with friends. We are starting a Personal Progress club. We sit and do Personal Progress. We all can relate to it and are able to share stories on it. It is so much fun. We take turns reading scriptures and set goals together. I learn so much and am able to spiritually grow. I also am so excited about the ribbons" Madison R., 14, California, USA

Work Together- "On the first Tuesday of every month my Young Women group has a Personal Progress night. We all do the experiences together and set goals. It motivates me a lot when we do it all together. It also creates deeper discussions, because we all have an experience to share or a thought to give" Eva S., 15, Utah, USA

Start Good Habits- "I know that staying motivated for Personal Progress can be hard. The things that helped me were the longer value experiences that took two to three weeks. I made a chart and checked off the days as they passed. As I went through the experiences, I could see good habits becoming part of my life, such as morning prayers and daily journal writing, and I was happier in general"  Erin F., 16, Utah, USA

Remember to Apply- "I stay motivated to do Personal Progress by remembering that what I do every day can be applied to it. When you look at it as just another thing on your to-do list, it can become a real drag. But what really helps me is to look at things that I’m already doing and applying them to value experiences and projects. This helps me accomplish more, and it makes me realize all the good I’m doing in my everyday life" -Stephanie M., 16, Michigan, USA

Call and Report- "My cousin and I call each other on Sundays to set goals and to tell each other what we did that week for Personal Progress. This helps us stay motivated because we can report our achievements to someone. So far, we have had great success!" -Jamie H., 14, California, USA

Just Do It- "It helps being upfront with friends and family. It makes them want to be involved with you, so you’re not doing Personal Progress alone. Set aside time on Sunday to do something new in it, and use all the tools available, including online Personal Progress []. Set a date you’ll be done by—not just for the whole Personal Progress but with each value—and stick to it. Other than that: Just do it! Thinking about doing it does not get it done" -Sarah W., 17, Idaho, USA

Set Goals with Dates- "The way I motivated myself to do Personal Progress was to set a goal for when I would finish it. I wanted to get it done before my 16th birthday. Having that goal gave me something to shoot for and helped me pace myself. I was able to get it done two months before my birthday. So, my advice is: set a goal and work toward it" -Shirley H., 16, Arizona, USA

Post Reminders- "It helped me to post Personal Progress tidbits on my mirrors. They were nice daily reminders of what I needed to focus on" -Francesca G., 18, Texas, USA

Do a Few Things- "If you make goals for Personal Progress to do a few things every month, then you know that there is a possibility in finishing what you need to get done. Also, reward yourself for achieving your goals" -Olivia L., 13, Illinois, USA"

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Goodbye / thank you gift for leaders

Its been a while since I've posted anything new, but I have a good reason - I promise! I was recently released as the 1st Counselor in our Ward Young Women Presidency - and called as our Ward Young Women President! So I've been brainstorming, praying, and planning like crazy. I will start updating the blog with new ideas as we go along.

One thing that I wanted to do (immediately) was to come up with a thank you / goodbye gift for the previous President.  I purchased a WillowTree "Forget Me Not" figure (Demdaco) - I got mine from Deseret Bookstore, but you can find them in other stores and online from many sources.

I also made a card with forget-me-not flowers (inspired by a forget-me-not craft on this website) and a little pot of forget-me-not seeds (also purchased at Deseret Bookstore).

I had all the girls and the other presidency members sign the card at Mutual and then we presented the gift the following Sunday.