Thursday, November 22, 2012

Faith Value Project - Theme board, etc / New Vinyl 2013 theme

A sisMy daughter Kendall is finishing up her last Value Project for Personal Progress tonight. For her Faith Value Project, she decided to make some items to spruce up our Sunday opening exercises/class.

For her project, she has made:

  • A new YW Theme board (we usually use one of the pink & white posters that is hanging on the wall, but this will larger, portable, and easier to see). She is using a different poster and hers is slightly different than what is shown in the link, but she got the idea from this blog.  Here is the photo of Kendall's completed theme board:

  • A decorated & framed dry-erase board that will show who is conducting, saying opening prayer, hymn #, etc. We don't have anything like this right now, so this will be helpful (the girls are always forgetting who agreed to say closing prayer, what the hymn number is, etc). You can find the directions here
  • A new pencil jar (we have one in the YW closet, but its just a plain mason jar...she has decorated a new jar to coordinate with the other items she made).
  • A folder with printed "agenda" sheets that she made for the class presidents to use when they are conducting. I will post photos ASAP. 

Here she is with three of her completed items for this Value Project: 

She also got permission from our YW President (and the YW President in the other ward sharing the building) to replace the large vinyl 2012 youth theme that is decorating the wall above the chalkboard (in our YW room). She has ordered the new 2013 youth theme "Stand ye in holy places" lettering & our local temple in vinyl and will remove the old vinyl (then place the new vinyl lettering) at the end of the year. This is not part of her 10-hours for the Value Project, this is just something extra she wanted to do.

Removing the 2012 theme

The new vinyl 2013 theme


  1. Hi I love your blog. I was wondering where you daughter found the poster she used? And where did you buy your vinyl from for the 2012 theme? my email is ricksandyn @

    1. is where we bought the poster. We ordered a vinyl set from a website (can't remember which one!) but we weren't happy with part of it, so we had a sister in our ward help us make some extra vinyl piece replacements, so it is sort of a combination of pieces. There are lots of websites that do vinyl, you can just do a search for 'lds yw wall vinyl" or try etsy. Good luck!

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