Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Personal Progress - getting creative!

"Who wants to throw a pie?"

A few days ago, I mentioned to my husband that I was trying to think of ways to encourage the Mia Maids to get involved with Personal Progress. My husband joked that maybe if I said that they could throw pies in my face, that might be incentive enough? (That might seem like a strange idea out of context, but some of the girls had actually been requesting "throwing pies" as a Mutual activity relentlessly for the past several months. I'm pretty strict about sticking to our Value theme for the month, so its been a little difficult to work that into our plans, since throwing pies doesn't exactly match up with any of the YW Values!)

Anyhow, my husband and I laughed at the thought about offering throwing a pie at me as an incentive, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea. My husband (a member of the Bishopric) even volunteered himself as a potential pie-victim. I thought he was joking at first, but he said he was serious. "Hey," he said,  if it gets them started on Personal Progress, I will do it" (What a great husband, eh?)

I know, I know- it probably seems a little unorthodox and bizarre, but I've put it out there! I included  a handout (along with my monthly Mia Maid newsletter for the girls in the class and their parents), complete with pictures of people getting hit in the face with pies!

Of course I'm not suggesting that everyone run out and do the same- this might not be the right thing for your situation and your girls. I'm just suggesting that we can think out of the box when it comes to encouraging the young women to work on Personal Progress! I'm willing to look a little foolish if it gets them started.

If you're wondering what I told the girls, please know that I was very careful to be specific about what would be required if they want to participate. Here is my exact wording:

"Brother & Sister Rogers really want to encourage the Mia Maids to get excited about Personal Progress! Since I’ve had many requests to have “throwing pie in peoples faces” as a Mutual activity, we’ve decided to offer a special reward for girls who work on Personal Progress during the rest of 2012.

For every 10-hour VALUE PROJECT that is started, completed, and signed-off (between October 31st and December 5th), the Mia Maid who has done the project can THROW A PIE IN THE FACE OF EITHER SISTER ROGERS OR BROTHER ROGERS at the end of an upcoming Mutual activity. We will supply the pie!

Here are the details:

  • This offer is for official Mia Maids only (girls in our ward, ages 14-15)
  • Projects must be started, completed and signed-off between the dates of October 31st and December 5th. Projects that have already been started before October 31st will not count for this offer. New projects only!
  • Projects must be signed-off and approved by Sister Rogers to qualify
  • You can do any approved 10-hour Value Project for any Value that you have not already completed.  
(On the same page, I included the following list of suggestions for 10-hour Value Projects - see below. I tried to choose simple projects that I thought would be of interest to the girls, hoping that they would see that doing a 10-hour Value Project might not be as big of an ordeal as they imagine)

"Here are some ideas for simple 10-hr Value Projects that you might want to do:

· Babysit for free (10 hours or more) for parents who want to attend ward choir practice or stake choir practice. Practice for Stake Choir is Sunday nights from 630-830pm through November only, and Ward Choir practice is starting soon (time TBA). If you need help determining which parents might need babysitting, see Sister Rogers (possible “Good Works” Value Project)

· Memorize the document “The Family – A Proclamation to the World” (possible “Faith” Value Project)

· Compile a family testimony book. Get each member of your family (including yourself) to write their testimony. Collect them and type them all up and create a book by making a cover and stapling them all together, or put each of the testimonies in sheet-protectors and put all of them in a notebook. Add a recent photo of each person to go along with their testimony. If this takes less than 10 hours, you can add the testimonies of additional family members (grandparents, aunts/uncles, etc) to make a larger book (possible “Individual Worth” Value Project)

· Learn how to cook 2 healthy & complete meals that you’ve never cooked before (using cookbooks, or by having a relative or leader teach you). Read Doctrine & Covenants section 89. Each meal you learn to prepare should follow the guidelines for health that we have from the Word of Wisdom, but also make adaptations for any special dietary restrictions in your family. Practice cooking each of these 2 meals for your family to eat on different days (at least once each)  and clean up any mess you've made afterward (possible “Knowledge” Value Project)"

Even if none of the girls want to take me up on my pie-throwing offer, I will still have accomplished two things: #1, the girls will be thinking about Personal Progress and considering working on it, even if only for a few minutes, and #2- the parents will be reminded of Personal Progress (and hopefully see how important it is to their daughter's leader).

See my original post on "sparking interest in Personal Progress" here (or click on the label "Personal Progress" on the right side of this page).

UPDATE: Our Young Women Secretary(and Personal Progress specialist) also recently offered an incentive to all of the YW in our ward. She is an Esthetician and is offering a FANCY facial and skin care advice to any girl that completes a 10-hour project during a specific 1-month span. She is even allowing girls who already have partially-completed projects to finish them up and earn the incentive. This has been a great incentive for our girls!

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