Tuesday, September 25, 2012


This post lists some ideas that we had for our Young Women in Excellence night when it was still in the early planning stages. Since I created this post, we actually had our Young Women in Excellence activity on October 24th, so I also have a newer post (complete with photos!) featuring what we actually did and how. To go to that post, click on the "Young Women in Excellence" label on the right side of this page, or simply click here

Our annual Young Women in Excellence night is coming up at the end of October (ours is scheduled in October, though most wards will probably be having theirs a little later in the year). Its never too early to plan!

Our girls picked "Arise & Shine Forth" as a theme (same as the youth theme for the year) and we will be doing refreshments, decorations, invitations, and well, basically everything along with that theme.

All of the food and decorations will be either yellow and/or sun or light related. The songs will involve sunshine ("There is Sunshine my Soul Today", for example).

We will have presentations by the YW Presidency and the class presidencies that explain a bit about the programs of the Young Womens program. We will also have several girls speak about Personal Progress. The girls are going to do a musical number. All of the girls will make their own display table that highlights their accomplishments and interests. We will end the night with a slideshow featuring the YW throughout the year (especially showing them working on Personal Progress, participating in Mutual, Girls Camp, etc) that the YW Secretary is putting together (we plan to "burn" a copy for each of the girls to take home, also)

I will post more information as it is available. The Mia Maids are in charge of food, and here are some of the ideas we've come up with (we will probably have to narrow it down, huh?)

None of these are my original photos/ideas - but if you click on the photos you will be taken to the originating website with info/instructions...


And here is a cute idea that I saw on The Creative Crate that would be a nice take-home gift for the girls if you're using an "Arise and Shine Forth" theme:

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