Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Music Night

Most of the girls in the Mia Maid class are not fans of singing. Or lip-syncing - even when they lead the music. This has been pointed out to me by the Bishop several times. I've talked to the girls and gave them the whole speech about how singing invites the Spirit and everything, but they have a lot of excuses - like, they "don't like the hymn that was picked," they "don't like singing in front of people," etc

I've read a variety of ideas about teaching music for a mutual activity and I wanted to combine all of them together so that they would actually take up the entire activity. This activity will reinforce how to properly conduct/lead music, how to choose hymns for meetings, and how spiritually-based music can be uplifting.

Learn how to lead music (for our girls this would be a refresher, but some of them could probably use it). One suggestion to make this more fun is to use glow sticks. If your girls already know how to lead music in the usual 3/4 or 4/4 way, maybe you could teach them to do the trickier time signatures like 6/8. If you don't know how to lead music, you could invite the Primary chorister or another chorister from your ward to come and teach. Or there is a free video tutorial on the church website: http://www.lds.org/cm/display/0,17631,4773-1,00.html#

Choose hymns (since the girls tend to complain that they don't like the hymns that have been chosen, I thought I would make a list of general subjects - faith, virtue, service, etc - and have them go through the hymnbook and choose songs they like. That way whenever I'm asked (or they are asked) to pick a song that goes with a lesson/topic, we can refer to our list (kept in the YW closet or in my notebook) and I will know that at least some of the time we will be singing hymns that the Mia Maids like.

LDS artist music sampling I made a CD for each girl that has modern songs from LDS recording artists (most of them are from EFY, etc). I'm hoping they will take these home and actually listen to them. Hey, everybody likes a goodie to take home! You can also download hymns and primary songs for free from the church website, but I was specifically looking for something for contemporary. The link to the page on the church website where I got these downloads (the Youth page on lds.org) is at the bottom of this post (There are almost 100 songs available, so I tried to pick and choose the songs I thought our girls would like best and ended up with about 12 songs on the CDs).

PURPOSE: Emphasizing the importance of uplifting music and how we can use it

MATERIALS NEEDED: glow sticks (optional), CDs for burning music form LDS artists

Free downloads of contemporary music (mostly from EFY) are available as part of the Youth section of the official church website at https://www.lds.org/youth/music?lang=eng

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