Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sparking Interest in Personal Progress

Our Young Womens Secretary, Sister McGrath, is over Personal Progress in our ward and she is doing a really great job of trying to build interest in Personal Progress for our Young Women. We have some girls who have worked on P.P. in the past, but for some reason interest had kind of fizzled out over the past year or so... We have a bunch of new Beehives now (and more coming in over the next few months), so we really wanted to get them excited about the program and also renew interest for the older girls.

Something that we've started recently is that every month (the 1st Wednesday of the month), we've scheduled a Personal Progress spotlight for the YW during the first 20-30 minutes of Mutual (after opening exercises). Each time she comes up with something interesting and different (related to the value we're focusing on for the month) to get the girls talking about Personal Progress.

This month our value is "Knowledge", and she did a Jeopardy-type game with questions about Personal Progress. The girls were broken up into teams (of mixed-ages) and it was great! The girls (and leaders) had a lot of fun playing. We also learned a lot about the girls from the answers they gave. She had some prizes for the winning team, which made the game-play even more fun because they were a little more competitive!

She also made a wonderful Personal Progress tracker chart (its a good visual aid to remind them about Personal Progress, and we hope that they will also be encouraged to work on their program when they see that others girls are working on it, too!). The girls can now update the chart (on Sundays and at Mutual) with value experiences and value projects as they complete them.

If you click on the photo it will take you to the pin on Pinterest which talks more about this chart.

These are some great ideas for sparking interest in Personal Progress!!

The photo above shows our ward's YW Personal Progress board in early August, 2012. The photo below shows our board as of October 24, 2012. Compare the two photos - what remarkable progress! Some of these Value Experiences and Value Projects have been newly completed over the past few months, but many of them were already completed (and signed-off in their Personal Progress books) and were never recorded by the Presidency. Having this easy  way to see what the girls are doing/have done is a great help to us and an incentive to many of the girls. (In other fantastic news, we have had some new girls join us in the past 2 months, which means we now get to add 4 more girls to our board!!!)

The photo above shows our ward's YW Personal Progress board in early October, 2012. The photo below shows our board as of early January, 2013. Again, a lot more progress!!!! We had one young women complete her Personal Progress in December, and I just got the update that since this photo was taken, we have 3 young women who are now within one 10-hour project of completing the program!


  1. I'd like to make this chart for our YW. I am the personal Progress leader. Where can I get a copy or some instructions?

    Sue Chappell

    1. I'm so sorry I didn't see this earlier! Our Secretary (who is also over Personal Progress) made this for us with some help from one of the mothers who does calligraphy, and I'm pretty sure she just made it up to fit what she wanted. She used one of those big sheets of thick white cardstock that you can buy at Walmart (or most large variety stores). From there I think she just made the grid part using a black marker and a ruler. She used die-cut letters for the values at the top (but you could write them in instead) and then had the names calligraphied onto the side. We have a bunch of colored hearts punched out of construction paper that coordinate with the value colors that the girls add to the board when they sign off a value experience. When they sign off a value project, they fill in the "bar" section of that value with a matching marker. Hope this helps!

  2. Thank you for this wonderful idea! I saw this on Pinterest several months ago and did it for the YW in our Ward. They love it and it is an amazing way to see their progress individually and as a group as well. THANK YOU!!
    Silvina from Argentina

  3. I am so happy that this worked for you. It was a wonderful experience seeing the girls get motivated for personal progress.