Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Temple Handkerchief

In my previous calling, I was a Ward Missionary for 3 years. Some of the women that we worked with are preparing to go to the temple,  so I have made them temple handkerchiefs to help them look forward to that time. I briefly considered making my own handkerchiefs, but I'm not the greatest seamstress and pre-made white ladies handkerchiefs are availble to purchase. I bought mine from the official LDS online store (through www.lds.org). These handkercheifs are pretty and only cost $1.50 each. And shipping is free.

I decorated the temple themed handkerchief above (top photo) using a very thin layer of sparkly fabric paint and drew the temple freehand and then added a gold "Moroni" on the top. There are lots of temple patterns available online that you could use if you wanted, and instead of using fabric paint you could embroider the design on instead. Embroidery would be fancier, but one thing that I like about using the fabric paint is that it doesn't show on the other side (my embroidery skills are not great - they would not have turned out cute on the back side!).

I thought this would be a cute project for girls to work on to help them look forward to their temple marriage, or your presidency would make give these as a gift for the girls for Christmas, for graduating Laurels, or as part of a temple themed activity.

Link to the handkerchief in the official LDS online store, via lds.org

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