Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Temple marriage handout (or invite)

I made this handout for a Sunday lesson I'm doing about temple marriage, but if you are doing any type of temple / wedding theme activity, this would be a cute handout to take home as a reminder.

This idea could also be modified to create an invitation to come to a temple-related activity.

This is a traditional wedding invitation:

and here is the temple-wedding invitation I made for the girls, using the same free template:

I used the monogram style template shown in the first photo, but I copied the whole thing to a Word document so that I could crop out the monogram and add a picture of the temple. I cut off the monogram to make it simpler, but you could keep it if you wanted to edit it and print them all seperately so that you had a monogram of each girl's initial.

 I found the temple clipart here

I changed the traditional wedding-invite wording a bit, of course, since this isn't for an actual wedding, but more to encourage them to prepare for a temple marriage. Instead of listing the parents' names as most people do on wedding invitations, I worded it so that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are the ones that are doing the inviting.

The text reads,

"You Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ invite you to be married in His Holy Temple, where you will make sacred covenants that will enable your marriage & family relationships to endure forever"

and I also added, "BYOW&WC" (kind of a spoof on BYOB - or, bring your own beverage), which stands for "Bring your own worthiness & a worthy companion"

To go to the Wedding Chicks website for printing free wedding invitations  (add your own text), click here

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