Monday, April 23, 2012


adapted from an activity posted on the Sisters in Zion site

Read part of the talk No Less Serviceable, by Howard W. Hunter.  Talk about how there are some people who seem to be in the limelight all the time.  But, there are others that are the unseen heroes who give service to others, not expecting anything in return. Ask the girls to think of several people in our ward... "unsung heroes" who should receive a special thank you. I think its important to let the girls choose so they have ownership in the process, but you could make general suggestions. Think of people who work behind the scenes, such as the ward librarians, bulletin person, clerks, auxilliary secretaries, missionary meal calender coordinator, ward building cleaning coordinator, etc.

After you have chosen your "unsung heroes", assemble 'thank you' items and make deliveries to our  “winners” (in a "Publisher Clearing House" way)*:
·       balloons
·       a thank you card that all the girls have signed
·       a  treat (cookies, etc)

You could also use this poem, written by Vicki B. Wright, which I found here

"We all have seen our Bishop
As he sits upon the stand
And our Relief Society President
Is always there to lend a hand.

But our ward could never move along
It it was pushed by just a few
It requires the dedication of "Unsung Heroes"
Such as you!

We thank you for the work you do,
We notice that you're there.
We hope you'll like this gift of love,
And know how much we care"
                                         - Vicki B Wright

 *alternatively, you could skip the delivery and plan on giving the items directly to the person on Sunday (such as before or after Church). In that case, I would not include balloons.

MATERIALS NEEDED: Whatever you would like to deliver to your "unsung heroes", such as balloons, cookies, card, etc)

PURPOSE: This is a service project, but with an emphasis on gratitude and thinking of others. Also teaches that people do not always have to be in the limelight when they serve.

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