Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Leadership Training Activity: 
(adapted from an idea on the mormon share website, found here)

Present four workshops on the follow topics (as they relate to leadership):

1) Positive Attitude
2) Friendship
3) Time Management
4) Personal Progress

PURPOSE: Teaching the young women some of the key elements of leadership to use in current or future callings. Many of these things are also helpful in the workplace.

Monday, April 23, 2012


Learn how to present yourself at a job interview (and how to behave in the workplace after you're hired, so that you can keep your job!). How to dress for interview (and work, depending on the job). Inappropriate work behavior. What skills/attributes employers are looking for, etc.

My mother regularly hires (and sometimes has to fire!) people, so I am going to have her come and talk to the girls about this, but you could have anyone in the ward or community who you know that hire/fires come and give a presentation or answer questions.

PURPOSE: Help young women recognize the skills that they need to get (and keep) a job.

adapted from an activity posted on the Sisters in Zion site

Read part of the talk No Less Serviceable, by Howard W. Hunter.  Talk about how there are some people who seem to be in the limelight all the time.  But, there are others that are the unseen heroes who give service to others, not expecting anything in return. Ask the girls to think of several people in our ward... "unsung heroes" who should receive a special thank you. I think its important to let the girls choose so they have ownership in the process, but you could make general suggestions. Think of people who work behind the scenes, such as the ward librarians, bulletin person, clerks, auxilliary secretaries, missionary meal calender coordinator, ward building cleaning coordinator, etc.

After you have chosen your "unsung heroes", assemble 'thank you' items and make deliveries to our  “winners” (in a "Publisher Clearing House" way)*:
·       balloons
·       a thank you card that all the girls have signed
·       a  treat (cookies, etc)

You could also use this poem, written by Vicki B. Wright, which I found here

"We all have seen our Bishop
As he sits upon the stand
And our Relief Society President
Is always there to lend a hand.

But our ward could never move along
It it was pushed by just a few
It requires the dedication of "Unsung Heroes"
Such as you!

We thank you for the work you do,
We notice that you're there.
We hope you'll like this gift of love,
And know how much we care"
                                         - Vicki B Wright

 *alternatively, you could skip the delivery and plan on giving the items directly to the person on Sunday (such as before or after Church). In that case, I would not include balloons.

MATERIALS NEEDED: Whatever you would like to deliver to your "unsung heroes", such as balloons, cookies, card, etc)

PURPOSE: This is a service project, but with an emphasis on gratitude and thinking of others. Also teaches that people do not always have to be in the limelight when they serve.

Service Project - Finger Puppets & Coloring Kits


(to give to children of families being taught by the missionaries, to help keep them reverent during Sacrament meeting. You could also just give them to families of any ward members with young children).* These will help a lot with keeping kids reverent (which also helps their parents being able to concentrate on the Sacrament and hear the talks!).

You can keep a few of these kits in your YW closet and bring them out as needed, or have one of the YW be in charge of keeping several kits with her for Sacrament meeting and watch for children to give them to. You may want to let your Full-time Missionaries (and/or Ward Mission Leader) know what you have planned and they may be able to point out when they have visitors with children (they don't always really know for sure ahead of time, because investigators don't always show up)

FINGER PUPPETS: I've included links to directions for making no-sew finger-puppets below. You can also sew finger puppets, but I wouldn't recommend doing it on a machine for beginning sewers because it is difficult to work with something really small like that on a machine. You may be able to do hand-sewing, though it will take longer. I would suggest 3 or 4 finger puppets per child/kit.

COLORING PAGES: Its easy to print out gospel-themed coloring pages from various websites - I like the section on the Church website that has coloring pages from past issues of the Friend magazine because coloring pages are organized by topic. If you print a few copies of several different pages at home, you could have the girls assemble little booklets of the pages and staple them together. You might even have the girls make a cover page that says something like, "Welcome to Church! We're happy you're here!" Alternatively, you could purchase coloring books at the dollar store, but I like the personalized gospel-specific touch of including coloring pages from the Friend.
Click on the photo to go to the lds.org page for free printable coloring pages from the Friend magazine

ASSEMBLY: You can just keep these items separate, or you can assemble kits in a zip-lock bag (don't forget to include a few crayons! If you purchase a small box of crayons, you can separate those up and put 3 or 4 crayons with each packet)

Click on the photo for no-sew finger puppet tutorial from the idea room web site

*Another option would be to give these items to a women's shelter, homeless shelter, or another charity that serves children. In that case, you would probably need to use generic type coloring pages (non-religious), or at least those that feature only basic religious concepts (like service, prayer, sharing, etc) instead of specific doctrine (like baptism at age 8)

PURPOSE: This is mainly a service project, but could go along with a discussion of reverence or
missionary work. This will help the young women be more aware of visitors and missionary work that is going on in the ward. These kits will really help a lot with keeping kids reverent (which also helps their parents being able to concentrate on the Sacrament and hear the talks!)
MATERIALS NEEDED (to make @ 4 kits):  several pieces of felt in different colors ( 8X12 sheets are sold in craft stores/Walmart for about 30 cents). Hot glue guns or quick-dry glue (not super-glue). Googly eyes. 1 or 2 colors of squeezable puffy paint (for whiskers, etc). Printed coloring pages (or purchased coloring books). Stapler. 3 or 4 crayons for each kit. Gallon size zip-lock type bag (optional).

Monday, April 9, 2012


  • Raw vs. baked brownies object lesson - display a pan of uncooked brownies and a pan of cooked brownies. Offer the girls raw brownies to eat, or give them the option to wait until the end of the activity to have cooked brownies instead (discuss how virtue relates to temple preparation, the choices we make now affect our options in the future - is it worth it to wait for something we really want?)

  • We need to take certain steps to be married in the temple.... Play "minute-to-win-it" temple game (timed game with a temple-worthiness theme, you try to complete all of the tasks on the sheet within 1 minute... just draw on a sheet of plain paper with a sharpie, you can make whatever tasks you want.... here is the game I made....

(I used a regular drinking straw in the photo because I hadn't bought the licorice yet)

  • Make temple-shaped white chocolate candy (I have a set of candy molds that I purchased here) and use them to decorate the pre-baked brownies (that were shown at the beginning of the activity).
  • Eat brownies!

MATERIALS NEEDED:  2 pans of brownies (1 baked, 1 raw), a minute-to-win-it temple theme game (make your own with paper and markers) with a set of candy for each girl (1 twizzler/licorice, 1 skittle, & 1 hershey's kiss), temple-molds and white chocolate (optional)

PURPOSE: Get the girls thinking about how their choices (actions & thoughts) impact their options, setting goals for the future